I Met Miko Branch and Forgot My Name 

Today I attended the Women Empower Expo in Fort Lauderdale and had an amazing experience.  The expo is all about women supporting women in business, blogging, entrepreneurship and all around fabulousness. 

The highlight of the event for me was meeting Miko Branch, co-founder of Miss Jessie’s hair products. I’m still cheesing over meeting Miko. She has amazing energy and was so humble. 

When I say I fan-girled, I blanked. The girl behind me suggested we shift the line and I was like you can go ahead, but I’m standing right here. Her suggestion made sense but I couldn’t process. (Sorry girl, you probably think I’m dense). 

I remember when this company started. I remember being excited to see it in Target. I remember the sadness in the hair community when her sister and co-founder, Titi, lost her battle to depression. This brand opened doors for the hair movement and for Black hair in the business world. Miko is a legend. 

I forgot my name for a second, but I told her I’m an attorney by day and blogger by passion, I expressed my condolences for Titi, and why I appreciated what she’s done for black women with her products. She helped to give us options. When she signed my book, she asked my name and then I remembered it (thank you brain for showing up finally). 

Anyway, here are more pics from the event. Can’t wait to read her book! 

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