New Name, Who Dis?!


I can’t even explain just how refreshing this rebranding has been for me. For more reasons than I even expected. For my long time readers, you may remember when I first started blogging under the blog name “Coarse Hair, Long Hair.” It was accurate and it worked. Then I switched to “Kibibi Hair” because people knew me online as “MsKibibi” and I only talked about my hair journey. I used Kibibi Hair for almost 7 years.

The number 7 is significant for a few reasons (you can Google it, if you don’t get what I mean). I didn’t even realize it was 7 years until I typed that sentence LOL.

Anyway, the significance for me is the closing of one chapter and opening a new chapter. A chapter where I feel freer to be my WHOLE ass self. *record scratch* Yes, I curse sometimes. So get ready. I say “ass” and “shit”…mostly because that’s all I can get away with around my family without being shamed (Jamaicans love to shame you into obedience).

I’ve wanted to be more transparent for so long, but for various reasons that I’ll save for another post, I kept things PC. Well F that! (Oh yeah, I say “F” also but I never spell out the word, again, because Jamaicans).

So what can you expect from Kibibi La Vie? MORE!

More posting. More topics. More realness.

I’m especially going to get into work appropriate outfits for young professional women. I love the work lookbooks on YouTube, but frankly, it wouldn’t be appropriate in my office. 

Oh and I’ve come up with a name for my readers/subscribers. Rihanna has her Navy. Beyonce has her BeeHive. Well, Kibibi has her GEMS!

You are a gem, rare and beautiful in all your perfectly imperfect facets. I thank you for rolling with me all these years (and thanks for joining for the newbies). Comment below with an emoji of your birth stone!

Cheers to La Vie!

  • Londa

    So proud of you and completely happy for your enthusiastic rebranding! Looking forward to all that comes with you being your authentic and free self! What an inspiration to us all!

    Love the Gems name. Interestingly enough, years ago, a friend and I gave ourselves gem names. I am Sapphire Emerald because I love the brilliance and richness of those colors. However, my birthstone is Citrine and Topaz.

    Here’s to much joy, success and inspiration for you and us Gems!

    • Thanks! I love that you gave each other gem names. You were ahead of me lol Emerald is my birthstone.

  • Sharonda Shariee

    ♦ (April)

  • Nisa Jordan

    Congratulations on your rebranding, it looks great! Birthstone is 💜 Amethyst.

  • Fashionably Fit

    Love it! this is sade!

  • Terrica Simmons

    🍏 Glad you kept us updated! Almost forgot I get the emails 💁🏽

  • Raye Peoples

    My stone is the opal

  • Blessed24

    Congratulations…My Birthstone is Amethyst💜!

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